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Why Use Angular In 2022 ?

April 23, 2022
Why use Angular in 2022 ?

Angular, React and Vue Js are the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the last few years, the three of them have almost the same purpose and objective which is developing single page web applications. Angular is a very big, scalable and secure web application framework which give you the ability to build dazzling web apps. It is not easy the first time to learn but once you master it, you will have a great skill that will make you a lot of money.

Unlike React and Vue Js and other JavaScript frameworks, Angular have everything built on it to help you build great web applications such as HTTP Requests, Animations, Routing, Reactive forms, server side rendering, data accessibility APIs and more.

What is Angular ?

Angular is one of the most powerful and strongest open-source JavaScript frameworks that was designed to develop highly scalable modern web applications. It was and still and will be the dominant framework in the software engineering field because it is well optimized and it has many cool features that many othe frameworks like React and Vue Js do not have.


Angular has a lot of advanced features and mecanisms such as two way binding which make your template very dynamic and interactive and can be changed at any moment easily, it has also the component concept which make your whole app divided into small components so it will be easy to maintain and scale.

In the version of angular which was released in 2020, the framework had a very big improvment in the performance side because Angular team added a very powerful engine called Ivy which will decrease the build time of an Angular application.

Many big companies like Upwork, Paypal, Microsoft, Gmail… are using the Angular framework to build their big web applications. So many other companies are using Angular with Node Js, Express Js and Mongo DB to build very powerful MEAN Stack web applications.

The history of angular framework

The first version of Angular was called Angular JS and was released on 2009 by a Google employee Misko Hevery. He was working on a side project that will help building web apps easier, and this project became AngularJS.

After few years from the first release and in 2014-2015 Google had to rewrite the framework because of the changes in the web app development field. They built the new version of Angular JS which is known as Angular 2.0 and it is totally different from the first version. They changes JavaScript by TypeScript and also they improved many other aspects such as performance and the architecture of the framework.

After this release angular had many improvement and new versions 3, 4, 5… The ninth version had a big change especially in the build side, so the Angular team built an engine called Ivy which helped improve the build time of an angular application.

Right now, the current version of angular is 14.0 which is amazing and so much faster the the last few versions.

Why you should use angular to build your web applications ?

Component concept and reusability of code

There are many tools and technologies that can help you build a web application, the most simple way is to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript but using only these three tools will get you in trouble especially when it comes to maintenance and the application size growth. It will be really hard to make any changes in your application because you won’t have a very organized code. 

Now angular comes into the screen, Angular has a very powerful concept which is component, this concept will make your code very organized and easy to maintain and change. In your app’s code you will have many components and each one of them will have four files (HTML, CSS, TypeScript and .spec.ts file for testing purposes). This powerful mechanism will help you separate your template and your logic and also make your template dynamic and interactive.

Components can be reused in any part of your app, so if you have a product card for example that you will be using in multiple pages in your app, then this is absolutely possible with Angular, that will help you write less code and save hours an hours of coding.

Easy to learn and to use

If you are a web developer or you just a little bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript then learning Angular will be as easy as drinking a cup of water, because Angular is only a set of components that contains HTML, CSS and TypeScript (which is JavaScript with some advanced features).

The first time you will start learning Angular may be a little bit difficult but once you know the concept and how angular and its features work, it will be easy to continue learning. Angular have something called services which will be responsible to HTTP requests to the server and get the response and give it to all the components.

If you are just starting your journey as a web developer then it is fine, you can start learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript and once you are good with them, you can go and start learning Angular web application development.

The performance of angular web applications

The performance of angular web applications

Actually, when it comes to performance, almost all frontend frameworks are the same because the difference between between Angular, React and Vue JS in the performance is negligible.

Angular has a very awesome performance management system which make its applications fast and easy to use. If you are facing any performance issues in your angular application, the problem isn’t the framework, it is absolutely the engineer because Angular has some best practices to follow in order to get a very performant application and if you don’t follow the best practices then of course you will have a no performant app.

Great Documentation and best community

Angular has a very detailed documentation that covers all the concepts and features that can be used in an Angular app. Their website is well designed and very easy to access and to search in. By using their search bar you can find any feature you want to add to your app.

The framework also has a very big community where you can the solution of any problem you face while developing a web app, you can search on stackoverflow, github or just type the issue you are having on Google and you will absolutely find your way out.

Being in the market since 2009 is a very good advantage of angular because it has built a very big community of junior and senior web developers who are answering thousands and thousands of questions every single day.

Lazy loading

One of the most important factors that defines the success of your web app or your website in general in the page loading speed, especially if we are talking about ranking on search engines and user interaction. Most users won’t stay more than 3 seconds waiting for your page to load.

That is why Angular have a very powerful concept which is lazy loading, it’s jo is to devide your app into modules that will load separately. This feature will make your website way faster which means having a very important user interaction and also ranking first on Google or other search engines. 

Lazy loading help your web app have a great user experience by keeping the load time of your app very low.

Two way data binding

Using the Two way data binding feature we can change data in our template based on user interaction in our web page. So basically when a user clicks a button or scroll down or up and if he does any kind of action on our web page, Angular gives us the ability to change the data in the web page very fastly and without reloading the page.

Two way data binding will make your app more interactive and will also make the user experience more efficient.

Who uses Angular in 2022 ?

Using JavaScript frameworks is a must when you want to develop a performant web application. Therefore many big and small companies are using Angular to empower their web apps.

Some of the big companies that are using Angular today are :

  1. Microsoft
  2. PayPal
  3. Forbes
  4. Gmail
  5. Upwork


The features and the advantages that we described in this article is a big answer for the question “why Use Angular in 2022”. Angular is really an amazing framework that help you make your dream web app in less time and writing less code but having a great solution to any problem that can be solved by a software.

If you need a web application for your business, feel free to get in touch with our engineers. We are here to help you build your dream web app. Contact us to work on your project

Thank you for reading 🔥.

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