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Top Mobile Application Development Tools in 2022

April 16, 2022
Top Mobile Application Development Tools in 2022

The last few years have been so difficult for all of us as businesses especially with the pandemic and because of that many businesses (more than 75%) have created at least one mobile application to use in order to manage the entire or some parts of their business. 

As a business, having a mobile application will definitely help your business grow much faster whether you use it to get more customers or to solve problems in your business, especially with the increase of mobile and tablet users.

Developing a mobile application is such a difficult task to do if you don’t have some tools that will help you do it faster, so in this article we will explore some of the greatest tools that will really help you develop your next mobile application faster and in a professional way.

What are mobile application development tools ?

Mobile application tools are some programs or softwares made to make the process of mobile development faster and professional. There are two types of mobile application development native and cross-platform mobile development. 

Check out our article to read about Native mobile app development vs Cross-platform mobile app development.

Native mobile application development

Native mobile development refers to developing an application specifically for a single platform like Android, IOS or Windows using some programming languages that are specific to that platform like JAVA and KOTLIN for Android and Swift and Objective-C for IOS.

Cross-platform application development

Cross mobile app development refers to building an application that can be used in multiple platforms like Android, IOS, Windows or even Web using languages and frameworks like Angular, Ionic, React native…

Most popular mobile development programming languages and frameworks

Mobile app development technologies

Programming languages are very important to develop any kind of website or application in the world, so mobile development has some specific programming languages. Here is the list of the top most used mobile development programming languages in the world.

Let’s start with android development languages


JAVA is one of the most popular and the most used programming languages and it can be used in multiple fields such as desktop software development, mobile development and also web development. JAVA is the hero language for native mobile app development, it has direct access to the hardware elements in devices.


KOTLIN is also one of the most used languages in the world but it is specific for android mobile app development because it has some very cool features that makes it the best in android development.


SWIFT is the greatest language in mobile IOS development, it was released specifically for native IOS mobile apps. SWIFT offers many advanced features with very minimal coding.

Top Mobile development tools in 2022

Native mobile application development tools

Android studio

Android studio is a free software built by Google that is used by mobile app developers to write the code of the application. It is very helpful because it gives you simplicity while writing code by providing shortcuts and a layout design. The layout design will help you design your app without writing a lot of code, so you will be using the drag and drop functionality.


XCode is a code editor used to develop specifically IOS mobile applications, it has a great toolkit that helps IOS developers develop in a very smooth way. When you write code you can see the result of your code instantly on the other side of the software. It is a free to use software and it can be used to build applications for any Apple device such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple watch. XCode provides some really cool features in developing UI, testing, debugging and much more.

AppCode (JetBrains)

AppCode is a paid IDE for IOS/macOS app development, besides its ability to support web languages such as JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS… AppCode is a great choice if you want to develop IOS apps. It provides multiple great integrations including CocoaPods manager and built in support. AppCode is built by the company JetBrains which is the leading company in code editors.

Top Cross-platform Mobile Development Frameworks in 2022

Top mobile app development languages and frameworks

Cross-platform mobile app development is a great way to develop apps that can be used in multiple platforms (Android, IOS, Windows). This type of development is based on using frameworks, especially JavaScript frameworks such as (React Native, Ionic, Angular).

Let’s talk about the top leading mobile app development frameworks in 2022


Ionic framework uses web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build great mobile apps with a fantastic user experience. It is among the most preferred mobile development frameworks. It is used to build Android apps, IOS Apps, Desktop Apps and also Web Apps. Ionic is a framework based on Angular and Cordova.

React Native

React native is a fascinating open-source JavaScript framework that is used to develop mobile applications. It is also used to develop Android and IOS mobile apps using some very cool features.


Flutter is a mobile development framework that uses Dart programming language, it was developed by google in 2017. It is a new cross-platform mobile development framework that can generate apps for all platforms (Android, IOS and Windows) with a single code base. Flutter has a very big library of components that can be reused in any app, it also has a group of packages that you can install and use depending on the features you want to have on your app.

Our mobile app development team have over three years of experience in cross platform mobile app development especially with Ionic. Check it out


Mobile applications have become the best way to present services and to be close to your customers as a business. The most confusing part in mobile apps is when choosing the best technology to build the best mobile application possible. 
Actually there are several ways to develop your next mobile app, and the best way that almost all businesses prefer is to seek the help of a mobile app development agency like ours which offers the best mobile app development services based on your requirements and needs.

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