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Top 5 Backend frameworks for web app development in 2022

June 1, 2022
Top 5 Backend frameworks for web app development in 2022

Web application development is becoming a very interesting topic for a lot of businesses, because of its power to help manage complex systems in any area. Any business in the world needs to optimize and automate its work and process because that will help scale as fast as possible. Web and mobile applications are a great way to manage and optimize any business, they make the process a lot more easier, faster and secure.

In the last few years, web app development improved a lot especially with the increase of the demand in the market for web applications. Big companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others are working on very powerful frameworks for both sides frontend and backend. Facebook created React JS, Google created Angular… 

Building interactive web application is not an easy process, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to build the backend and the frontend using the most powerful frameworks. Frontend web development has a lot of great frameworks like Angular, React and Vue JS. These three frameworks deliver the best quality frontend solutions. Backend web development also has many powerful frameworks that helps build secure and powerful APIs which we will see later in this article.

Web app development frameworks

Web app development is actually a trending topic as we describe earlier, a lot of businesses are building great web apps to facilitate their work. It would not be possible to build such a great web apps if there was no framework, because frameworks are the definition of web app development. 

A framework is a simple project that comes with a lot built-in functionalities and features, it is like a generic library that contains the most important fundamental parts of a web application such as animation libraries, API usage modules, web resources and much more. The purpose of a framework is the automation and optimization of repeated activities, they also make the process of web development much easier by introducing some advanced concepts.

Types of web app development frameworks

Web app development can be divided into two main parts Frontend (Client side) and Backend (Server side).

Types of web app development frameworks

1. Frontend (Clients side)

The clients side of web app development is basically the interface that the user see in the browser when accessing the application. It is a very important part of web development because it represents the interaction of the user with the app. If the user interface and the user experience of the application is great and high quality, then be sure that users will love the app and will use it very often. However, in the other hand if the UI and the UX of the app are not that much good then that will affect the app negatively.

Frontend web development is not only displaying a good user interface, it is also about the user experience and the way you manage the data in the app because this part is related to the performance of the app. The most popular and the most popular frontend frameworks out there are Angular, React and Vue JS.

If you are interested on learning more about frontend web development, check out this blog about Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks in 2022 for Web App Development

3. Backend (Server side)

The backend side of a web application is mostly used to interact with the database in order to get, post, edit and delete data and this can be done by building web APIs. An API is actually a tool we build to interact with our database. 

The server side is also used to make the web application secure and safe from hackers by writing powerful scripts that will encrypt data for example in order to make it safer. We also use the backend side to deploy huge and powerful web application either in the cloud or a custom server. 

This side is very important to develop great, secure and performant web applications that can last for a very long time.

Top 5 Backend web app development frameworks in 2022

As we described in the previous section, backend web development is such an important part of the process. All the frameworks listed down in this list are really great and enough to build great web application and they are currently used by the biggest companies in the planet such as PayPal, Microsoft, Facebook…

Top 5 Backend web app development frameworks in 2022

Express JS

Express JS is a great Node js framework and one of the most popular and the most used backend frameworks. It’s main goal is to build high quality Web APIs. These APIs can be used to serve single and multi page web applications and also mobile apps. 

It is a good choice when you want to build APIs to serve your frontend web applications, and it is used by a lot of big companies like PayPal, Uber, IBM… This amazing framework is using JavaScript as its main language, so if you are a developer and you are already familiar with JavaScript then it will be very easy for you to learn and start working with Express JS.


Django is one of the best backend web application development framework that uses Python as its main programming language. It is open source and very powerful in terms of building web applications. The architecture used in Django is the MVC (Model View Controller).

Since Django has a lot of built-in plugins, it does not require as many packages as other frameworks. We can use it for very complex web projects like SAAS solutions, CMS, marketplaces…

The learning process of Django is easy since the Django team provides a very good detailed documentation. You can find anything you are looking for in the documentation from the very basic concepts to the advanced features.

Ruby on rails

Ruby on rails is one of the oldest backend frameworks but it still one of the best backend frameworks till today. It was developed using the ruby programming language, and it uses the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture to build high quality secure web applications.

This amazing framework makes it very easy to develop dynamic web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby which means the development process will be so fast especially when using some built-in ready to use modules.

The biggest advantage of Ruby on rails is actually the community. It has a very big community of developers and experts who can help you if you face any error or problem.


Laravel is an open source PHP-based backend framework with great capabilities to build highly scalable and secure web applications. It is actually similar to the other frameworks. It uses the MVC architecture and it is also easy to learn especially if you are already familiar with PHP.

Working with Laravel will take very less time to develop large applications compared to other frameworks. It has a set of built-in classes and modules which makes the development easier and faster. Laravel have a big community on the internet, you can find the solution of almost any problem you face, just search for it on Google and you will find a way to solve the problem.

ASP.Net core

ASP.NET Core is an open source backend framework that is based on .NET framework. It is very powerful because it helps build high quality web applications on the .NET Platform using the MVC architecture. It has a set of built-in modules which which is a very big advantage.


There are a lot more backend frameworks that you can choose from, but the list we provide in this article contains only the best of the best. JavaScript, Python, PHP and C# are by far the most used and the most popular programming languages, so using one of their frameworks to develop your next application will be amazing. 

Read the article carefully and pick the best backend framework that suits you and start building your project.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading.

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