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Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks in 2022 for Web App Development in Perth

April 15, 2022
Top 10 JavaScript frameworks in 2022

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the web development world, it supports both functional and object oriented programming concepts. JavaScript has a very big community of developers who are helping each other to solve problems they face every day, so if you have any kind of JS problem you will absolutely find your way out and solve the problem.

At first JavaScript was used to manage the web page , which means the client side, it has a bunch of functionalities and features that you can use to animate your website and make it more interactive. However, in the last few years JS started supporting server-side programming as well. Now you can use the JS language to build a complete back end with all the functionalities you need using some frameworks such as Node JS.

The following titles explain how this article will be structured

  1. What are JavaScript Frameworks ?
  2. Should you use JavaScript frameworks in your projects ?
  3. List of the top JavaScript frameworks

What are JavaScript Frameworks ?

JavaScript programming language

Back in the days where there was no framework, the developers had to start from scratch to build any web application and they had to develop all the functionalities that they needed. However, in the last few years the concept of framework has shown to solve this big problem.

The purpose of any framework in the world is to make some features and functionalities available so the developers can directly start using them. 

Think of a framework like a library that is full of generic ready to use functionalities, the most important advantage of frameworks is that they make the process of developing a web application so fast because you don’t need to build everything from scratch.

JS Frameworks are great when it comes to developing either medium or big web apps that will be used by thousands or millions of people. They are also used to make a web page responsive and mobile friendly and also animated.

Should you use JavaScript frameworks in your projects ?

The right answer for this question is “it depends”, because if you want to develop a small website or web app that has no big or complex functionalities, then there is no need to use any framework and you can go with pure JavaScript. However, if you are aiming to build a big complex web application then JS frameworks will really help you do that in a faster, more secure and performant way.

JS Frameworks

Among the features provided by JS frameworks there is

  • Manipulate the look of your web app based on data.
  • Write maintainable and easy to edit code.
  • Build highly scalable web applications.
  • Make your code reusable.

To summarize, if you want to develop a big and very complex web app like SAAS (Software as a service) or Marketplace or Social media network, then definitely use the frameworks. But, if you have a small web application then there is no need to use them.

List of the top JavaScript Frameworks


Angular Framework

The first framework that I prefer to start with is Angular because it is a really powerful and efficient framework that is used to develop heavy and complex web applications. In 2009 Google developers team built AngularJS which makes it easy to build Single Page Applications (SPA). 

Angular has many cool features that make developing a big application much easier and smoother. 

Angular supports the concept of progressive web applications which means it can generate a web application or a mobile application or even a desktop app that can be used in Windows, Mac or Linux. We can use some technologies like capacitors or cordova to generate mobile and desktop applications with angular.

Applications that have been developed using angular are so performant and powerful. They are also so fast to load and to use.

Our Web app development team have over three years of experience in Angular and React app development . Check it out


React Framework

React is a very powerful framework developed by Facebook, it was released the first time in 2013. React is by far the most popular and the most used JavaScript framework, it has a really big community where you can find the solution to any problem you face.

React is used to build very interactive user friendly web applications that can be used by millions of people, believe or not website is developed using the React framework.

Among its features there is the usage of virtual DOM which means for every DOM element React creates a virtual DOM element. Apps developed using React are very performant, secure and very fast.

Examples of React web applications

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • WhatsApp.

Vue JS

Vue JS Framework

Vue JS is a front end JavaScript that was developed in 2016 and made its place in the market by having a big community. It is also built to develop Single page applications.

Among the features of Vue JS framework there is the data binding concept which makes the UI dynamic and based on programming logic. Like React, Vue js also has a virtual DOM system which absorbs any change in JS data and applies it to the real DOM.


Ember JS

Ember JS is a JavaScript framework that was developed in 2015 and since then it has gained a big popularity in the market of software development with its cool and useful features. It supports two way binding and handl complicated user interfaces .

Many big enterprises are using Ember JS to develop their big complex web apps like Netflix, linkedin…

Node JS

Node JS

Node JS is the most popular open source JavaScript server side programming framework, you can use it to build a fully functional and secure backend. Node JS contains some advanced features such as threading, Synchronous and Asynchronous programming which makes the generated app very powerful.



Svelte is a great JavaScript framework that was developed not a long time ago. Its main job is like a compiler that takes all the components you developed and converts them into JS that will update the DOM.

Svelte is so popular and has a very big community and in fact it was voted by the developers community as the most loved and satisfied JS front end framework. Svelte is absolutely open source.



Jquery is a JavaScript library that was made to facilitate the work with pure JavaScript when managing the DOM. It is by far the most popular JS library that had a huge impact on the web development industry. It is an open source library and it has a very big community of developers.


Web development is a very big industry that involves an unlimited number of technologies that are used every single day by developers all around the world, and JavaScript is the most popular web development technology especially with its frameworks and libraries.

Using JavaScript libraries will really make your life easy as a developer, you just need to take a small moment to think about the right framework to use in your project, you need to know exactly what are the requirements and the needs of your project in order to choose the right one.

I hope you enjoyed learning this article.

Thank you for reading.

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