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How Much Does a Web Application Cost in 2022

May 3, 2022
How much does a web application cost in 2022

In the last few years, web applications had a very big demand because of the problems they solve, so many companies are interested to have web applications that will make their life much easier, so How Much Does a Web Application Cost in 2022 ? Web apps are great if you have something to manage such as stock, team, logistics… They will help you make the process of the work in your company much easier.

Before closing any deal with any company to build your web application, you need to know the price that you will be paying and see if it fits with your budget. Fixing a price for the development of a web application is almost impossible without knowing all the details of the project. 

Actually the project of any project will be fixed based on many variables including its features, functionalities, number of pages, the complexity… that is why knowing the details of the project is so important to define its price.

In this post we will go covering a lot of great information about web applications and their cost.

When do you need to build a web application

The world is changing every single day and everything is becoming digital, almost everyone around the world have a mobile device or a computer and internet. That means everyone is using web and mobile applications every day in order to solve their problems in an efficient and fast way.

Web applications gives users the opportunity to access any information they need about anything, and also access any service just using their phone or computer such as shopping online, booking reservations, generating documents, contacting friends and family…

Actually, web and mobile apps can serve us as users in many ways. First we can use them to access public spaces such as ecommerce platforms, restaurant websites… They can also be used by companies and professional organizations to manage their systems like stock management, team management, marketing automations…

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The process of developing a web application

Now that we know the purpose of having a web application, let’s talk a little bit about the process followed by web development agencies like ours to develop web applications.

Building a web application is no easy task, because it takes a lot of time and effort to get it done the right way. Our agency follow a very detailed process in order to build a web application and each step of the process requires a hard work of a qualified specialist.
Usually the process of building a web application have four to five steps.

Gathering information / Research

The first step we start with is collecting all the needed information about the project from the client such as functionalities and features, goals, the client’s vision… All these information will be taken from the client by filling out a form.

Once we have all the details about the project and the needs of our client, we start doing our research, and this step consist on looking for similar projects and getting a clear idea about the project and its features. We also perform a research about the audience that will use the app, and this step will help us improve the application.


The second step after the research is to start designing the application using some powerful tools such as Figma or Adobe XD. This step consist on building a detailed design for the whole application including all the pages.

Once the design is done we send it to our client to get feedback and if the client report any changes, we make those changes right away.


Web app development

Once the client is happy with the design, our team of experts start developing the app using very powerful programming languages and frameworks like Angular, React or vue js.

This step is the longest one, because in this step we start writing code and developing the actual web application. Our front-end team start building the user interfaces that we deigned, and the back-end team start working on the server side by developing APIs and the infrastructure of the app.


The last step in the building is testing the application, before start the testing phase you need get the whole application done from deign to development. Testing will help you find errors and bugs in the application and then correct them so the app will be perfect at the end.

Launch and deliver the application

The very last phase in the whole process of web application development is launching the final product. In this phase the team will prepare everything we need to launch the app such as buying the domain, picking the right hosting platform for the application… And once the application is up and running, we make sure it is always working and there is no server-down problems or anything like that.

We also add some features and functionalities from time to time based on our client’s needs.

The important variables that influence the cost of building a web application

Web application cost

There are many variables and factors that will affect and help identifying the price of a web application, and before going through the exact price that building a web app needs it is important to know the variables that will affect the price.

Complexity of the application

The very first factor that will affect the pricing of any web application is the complexity of its functionalities and features. Building a simple online store, services website or a portfolio is not the same as building a complex system to manage an organization like a restaurant or hotel.

The features of the app will give us an idea about the time and the effort that the company should put into the project to get it done. Therefore, it will be easy to identify the price based on the time and the effort.

Let’s have a look into some examples about some complex features that can skyrocket the price of a web application

  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Document generation and management.
  • Shopping cart.
  • Generating invoices (PDFs).
  • Authentication system.
  • Security.
  • Database architecture.

In the following table we describe the difference between small, medium and complex web applications.

UI/UX Design complexity

Building a great looking user interface is one of the most important factors for the success of any web or mobile application. The very first thing a user notice about any website is if it looks good or not, if it does then the user will stay longer on the website, otherwise he will leave for sure.

Having a custom UI/UX design specifically for your application is a good choice if you have a good budget, but if you have a small budget or you are just starting your business then using a pre built theme or template is a good choice to start with.

Usually, custom UI/UX projects take much more time and money then purchasing and using a theme.


Developer’s location is a very important factor that will help identify the cost of a web application, Offshore web app development companies are paying less money than companies with a local. Having a web developer in USA will also cost a lot more money than having one in europe or africa. Big countries like USA, Canada and Australia are charging much more money than other medium or small countries. 

USA, Canada and Australia are charging $80 to $250 per hour.

United kingdom is charging $50 to $99 per hour.

Other Europe countries are charging $20 to $50 per hour.

As you can see the location have a big role in defining the cost of a web application.

Summarization and conclusion of the price

ComplexityTiming in monthsNumber of hoursPrice ($40 per hour)
Easy and simple app2100$4000
Medium app (Average)4250$10,000
Complex web application8850$34,000

The numbers that you see in the table are calculated based all the factors we mentioned earlier in this article. Of course, this numbers will be justified by the great quality of the final product.

For USA companies this is the pricing

Simple web app ⇒ $5000 - $15,000

Medium web app ⇒ $15,000 - $60,000

Complex web app ⇒ $60,000 - $250,000


Identifying the cost of a web application is not an easy task, because you will have to go through a long process and you need to take on consideration a lot of factors as we described previously in this article.

Thank you for reading.

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