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An online marketplace, where people can buy and sell their products

Elegdom is an online marketplace that help suppliers find clients to sell their products, and clients to find their favorite products.
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The Problem

Stock management is a big problem for a lot of companies especially the shipping companies. We collaborated with a delivery company, they did not have a mobile application to manage their stock and follow anything going in or out.
The company had a lot of customers and big warehouse and they are shipping products every day. We helped them to develop a management system in a mobile application so they can follow anything going in or out every single day easily. They have the possibility to print invoices and the list of products to deliver today.
A management system where delivery companies can manage their stock
An easy-to-use mobile application

The Solution

Build a mobile application that contains everything related to the inventory management, where they can manage products, customers, invoices, documents... 
The mobile app was great for them and they was so happy because it helped them a lot to manage their stock very easily.
A flexible mobile application with the best user experience.
Manage products, invoices, customers, documents...


Front end


Back end

Node JS

Other Tools

Microsoft Teams

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