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Best Practices to Improve Front-end and Back-end Programming Skills in 2022

April 30, 2022
Best Practices to Improve Front-end and Back-end Programming Skills in 2022

In the last few years, almost everyone jumped into the internet and start using mobile and web applications such us Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix… Have you ever wondered how all of these successful apps have been built ? who created them ? how much time it took them to build such great apps ? and what skills are needed to create successful web and mobile applications ? In this article we will be answering all your questions about the skills needed to start building great web applications.

Every single day, small and big companies produce thousand and thousand of web applications to solve problems such us stock management, company sales management, Ecommerce platforms… That means web development skills are continuing to be the most-in demand tech skills in 2022. Frond-end and Back-end developers are both needed in the market.

What Is a Front End Development ?

Front-end development is basically building the user interface of a website, so everything you see on a website like buttons, paragraphs, blog posts, links, animations and more, is developed by front end developers.

Front-end development consists on developing the best user interface and user experience possible. Everything you see on any web page from the header to the footer is created by a front-end engineer. The job of a front end developer is to optimize how a website look and feel.

As a front-end developer, you will use markup languages such as HTML and CSS and you will also use programming languages like JavaScript and its framework (Angular, Vue JS, React JS) and at this point front end development becomes very interesting because using JS frameworks you will be able to build interactive user interfaces with a great user experience.

Check out our blog about JS frameworks if you are interested.

What is Back End Development ?

Web development is a very big field that is divided into many pieces like Front-end development, Back-end development, devops engineering, UI/UX Design… As we describe in the previous section front end development consists on optimizing the way a web page look.

Now the back-end which is the side that the client will never see or interact with, the main goal of a back-end project is to allow the front end of an application communicate with the database to get data and present it to the user.

Back-end development consists on writing code that will make an application interact with a database, it actually make sure that the server is up and running and also make sure that the database is safe from hackers…

Now that you know what Back end development is all about, it is also important to understand the job of a backend developer. A backend developer’s job is to create code that will maintain the website’s architecture and the security of the website and also make sure there is no problem while the frontend app try to communicate with the database.

Must-have skills for developers


In order to become a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer, you must have some basic knowledge about the web and how it was created, the servers and their roles and also some web development concept like front-end, back-end, full-stack… After these steps you need to start learning some coding skills.

Here is a list of some coding tools that you must have to become a successful web developer.

  1. HTML : Hyper text markup language, it is basically responsible of displaying the content of any web page on the internet.
  2. CSS : Cascading style sheets : This language is responsible of styling your web page and making it look great.
  3. JavaScript : is the most used web programming language, it helps you make your website more interactive and dynamic. With JS you can animate your website display and hide elements when clicking on something.

These three languages are the fundamentals of the web development industry. You really must learn if you want to become a web developer.

Best practices you need to improve as a front-end developer

Before diving into this section, I want to make sure that you understood the importance of the three languages described in the previous section (HTML, CSS , JAVASCRIPT), these three technologies are a must-have for any web developer. It is recommended to add a javascript framework like Angular which will help you be more professional in your front end development.

Now let’s dive into the best practices that you should follow to improve your skills

Reduce the number of server requests

As a front-end developer your job will be to make a great looking interactive website, but you be will also charged to make requests to the back-end in order to get data and display it to the client. Therefore, having many calls to the sever will create a big issue in the performance of your application, so the app will be slowly and the user experience will be bad.

There are several ways that will help you decrease the number of requests sent to the server like for example, instead of sending a request to the server to get each image individually to your website, you can make a single request that will get all of them as a collection. You can also reduce the number of libraries you are using on the development.

Compress you code files

While your website get bigger and includes a bigger number of features and functionalities, your code will also get bigger and bigger and that will make an issue of performance in your site. The solution is to compress your files whether it is HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

There are many methods that you can use to compress your files like using GZip, Brotli… And by doing that you will absolutely notice the difference in load time.

Optimize the images in your website

Having a big amount of images on your website is a must in order to build a great user experience, because images will make the user take actions on your site. But the problem is the time that your images will take to load is so important. Therefore you need to optimize them as much as you can.

The best way to optimize images on your website is by using webp format instead of jpg, png or any other format. Webp images are 26% smaller than Png and Jpg images.

Another way to optimize images on your website is by serving them in the right dimensions, that will really improve the load time of your images.

Best practices you need to improve as a back-end developer

Back-end web development

Back-end development is a really big industry, it has many concepts that you can learn to become backend web developers such as API, Authentication, Cookies, Sessions, JSON, Servers, Hosting… The front-end part of a website is just the beginning, because without a powerful backend we will never get a successful website. Clients underestimate the hard work of backend developers because they love the front side of the project.

These are the best practices that you should follow to get successful on backend development


Automation is a great way to same your time and energy. You need to automate everything you do such as bash scripts, deploying, building, testing… Automation will help you get rid of many errors, save your time and energy because you won’t write the same code or repeat the same tasks again and again.

You can automate for example authentication, building APIs, testing your code and much more tasks that you repeat in every project. So basically what you are doing is creating reusable components that can be used in any project so you don’t repeat the same thing again and again.

Optimize your code

Optimization is a very important step that you must take on consideration, you can optimize your code to be clair and readable so everyone can understand it, you can also optimize the speed of your API and the time between receiving a request from the client side and sending a response back to the client.

Understand the project you are working on

Actually, this step must be the first one you take before start coding, because if you really understand the project that you will be working on it will be so easy to put everything together quickly and build a powerful and safe backend API. Definitely start understanding the project before doing anything else.


Building a website is such a great skill to have, because it will help you do a lot of things such as working in a big company, building your own business, freelancing and building projects for your clients… So consider learning coding on your free time because that will help you achieve your goals.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you got the best practices to improve front-end and Back-end programming skills.

Thank you for reading.

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