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8 Steps You Must Take Before Starting Mobile App Development

June 17, 2022
8 Steps You Must Take Before Starting Mobile App Development

Having the best unique mobile application idea is a great start to have a successful mobile application. However, coming up with a unique mobile app ides is not enough, the mobile app market is very competitive and it’s getting more competitive and hard each and every day.

The first step to build a successful mobile application is of course having a great idea. Then, you need to take the right steps to achieve the goal. In this article we will share with you the 8 steps that will help you build and grow your mobile app into a real business.

In 2022, mobile applications are very useful. Almost everyone on earth has a smart phone and use it everyday and users spend over 89.2% of the mobile time on mobile apps. This huge market is generating $800 billion in 2022 and rising to $935 billion in 2023.

The 8 steps you must take before starting mobile app development

Let’s take a look into the 8 steps that you must take if you are planning to start a mobile app business.

Step 1 : Find a problem that you can solve with a mobile application.

The first step and before everything you need to come up with a brilliant idea that either have never been done before or a very few people have done it but without any results yet. You must choose a fresh niche that is not very competitive and there is a big need for that specific idea.

Keep in your mind that solving a problem for a group of people is the best way to build a very successful business.

There are actually some questions that you need to answer to make sure you found the right idea for you and it is worth investing the time and money you are planning to put in.

The goals of your application : Why do you want to build this mobile application ? Does it solve a big problem for your targeted audience ? Are you ready to put in the effort and time to build this mobile app ?

Competition : Did you find your competitors ? Are they stronger then you and have more resources then you do ? Do you plan to solve the problem in a better way then your competitors ?

App Features : Why your app is so special ? what are the best features your application provide ? would these features solve their problems ?

App Investment : Do you have the required resources to start working on the application ? Are you ready to put in the time and effort to build this mobile application ?

Target Audience : Who is the perfect user for your application ? who is your target audience ?

Once you have the answer to all of these questions, then you are ready to move on to the second step where we will talk about the market research and how important it is for the success of your application.

Step 2 : Market research

Now that you confirmed your mobile app idea and is the right one for you, let’s move on to the second step which is Market Research. 

Market research is a very important task that you must be careful with because it will make your idea clearer, and it will give you some changes and modifications to make the idea better. In this phase you will list all the requirements that will help you prioritize the work. The question that you may ask right now is how to do the market research the right way ? 

In order to achieve the goal of the second step and do the market research the right way, we prepared a step-by-step process that you can follow to do a market research.

Follow these steps to do your market research, and you will find the right audience for your mobile app.

  1. Define your customer persona with all the characteristics.
  2. Create a research survey to get as much data as possible from your audience.
  3. Visit personally people from your target audience.
  4. List all the competitors you found.
  5. Analyze the survey and get the problems that your audience are facing everyday.

You need to be very careful when following the market research process, because it is very important to get real data about your audience like their problems and how to solve them.

Step 3 : Choose the technology : Native, Hybrid or a web application

In this phase, you already know that your idea is valid and your audience are waiting for you to solve their problems. So before moving on to the development phase, you have some technical decisions to make, and those decisions are very important  and crucial. 

One of the decisions you need to make is whether your application will be native, hybrid or web application. This decision is very crucial because when you finish the app and you need to maintain the app and add new pages or remove others you will need developers with that specific language or Framework that you app is built around.

The process of developing a mobile application can be done in three different ways, Native mobile app development, Hybrid mobile app development or Web app development

Native mobile application

Native apps are built for a specific platform (Android or IOS) and using languages that are specific for that platform like Java / Kotlin for Android or Swift / Objective-c for IOS. Generally native mobile apps are very performant and highly scalable.

Hybrid or cross-platform mobile applications

Hybrid mobile apps are built for any platform (Android, IOS, Web and Desktop) which is a very powerful advantage. These kind of apps are developer using technologies like Ionic, React-native… They are also performant and scalable apps.

Web apps

Web applications are built using HTML 5 and other web technologies. They can only run on browser and they can be compiled and used on any platform. The problem with apps is that they are heavy and not a great fit for mobile apps.
If you want to learn more about native mobile app development and cross-platform mobile app development and the difference between them, check out this blog post.

Step 4 : Create a blueprint / Wireframe for your application

After you went through the previous three steps, you have the required basics to start designing your mobile application. In this step we will go through how you can create a simple wireframe for your mobile application. 

A wireframe is like a simple presentation of your mobile app that will show the design and the functionalities. It will also help you understand how your app will look like at the end.

Here are some examples of some wireframes of some mobile apps : 

Create a blueprint / Wireframe for your application

Step 5 : Develop your application

At this step, you already built a wireframe for your mobile application and of course you chose which type your mobile application will be (Hybrid, Native or Web). It is time to bring your dream projet to life and start the development process. The process of development consists on coding both sides frontend and backend and also building a database architecture.

Developing such a mobile application needs a solid knowledge about many programming languages and database architecture and also some design knowledge. If you are looking for someone to build your mobile application and you don’t to go through the whole development process then our agency can do that for you in the best way, just contact us and we will do our best to build a solid scalable mobile application.

Mobile app development can be divided into two main components, Front-end development, Back-end development (API) .

Frontend mobile app development

The frontend or client side is actually what the users see in your application, it includes the design, the animations, the interactions with links or buttons… Each and every website, mobile application, desktop application or any other software has a front end that shows everything the user will interact with.

Backend development (API development)

Every web or mobile application needs to store its users data somewhere in a database, this can be done with APIs. The word API stands for Application interface programming which is a tool backend developers build to give the ability to the frontend to communicate with the database. If our app needs to retrieve, store, edit or delete data from the database, it will send a request to the API and the API will make the action in the database.

Step 6 : Find your monetization options

Find your monetization options for your mobile app

Building a mobile application is just the first step in the business because you need to know how the app will generate revenue which is actually more important compared to the development step. Mobile apps can generate money in many ways such as subscriptions, in-app ads, in-app purchases. Your choice of the monetisation will actually depend on the idea, is it worth the subscription ? do you have any assets to sell inside the application ?

You can actually use the freemium business model which give your users the ability to choose between free or premium version of the app. Of course with the premium version they get some additional valuable staff.

Step 7 : Build a marketing strategy for your mobile application.

After finishing the development of your mobile application, you will need an audience to use your app and engage with it. That is exactly why setting up a marketing strategy is very important even before you start the development.

You can start right now growing an audience in social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, linkedin or TikTok and you can also start applying a branding strategy to build a trust with your users even befor dropping the app.

One of the best steps you can take in your marketing strategy is building a landing page that shows the services your mobile app provide for users, and start making content on the website (Blogs, Videos…).

Step 8 : Launch the application

At this stage, you have already developed and tested the application and you built a marketing strategy to deliver the product to your audience. 

Normally, right now you don’t have that much people waiting for the app, so you need to promote it by running some ads either on Facebook, Instagram, Google or TikTok to get some downloads. You also need to educate your audience in your Instagram profile, Facebook page… You need to post educational videos, images…


Having a great mobile application idea is absolutely not enough, there are some steps you need to take in order to deliver the app successfully for your targeted audience. In this article we listed all the needed steps from the research phase to the launch step, and of course if you respect and follow these steps, be sure your app will be successful and awesome.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed it.

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