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10 most important factors to build a successful mobile application in Perth

April 11, 2022
10 most important factors to build a successful mobile applications in perth

Mobile applications have been so useful in the last few years, they have transformed how the business works. Today, almost 3.5 billion people around the world are using smartphones every day, which means that the mobile apps market is really big and has many users. Mobile apps are used for multiple purposes like delivering information more quickly, building a continuous presence or extending your brand and increasing customer engagement.

Therefore, mobile applications are and will always be in demand because the number of smartphone users is increasing everyday.

Businesses are using mobile applications to deliver the best quality of their services to the customers, and also to improve and boost their returns.

Mobile applications are really in big demand, but the mobile apps market is becoming more and more competitive everyday. So, if you want your mobile application to be successful you need to be careful on the way you develop it and also the marketing strategies that you will be using to deliver your mobile app to your target audience.

In this article we will be covering some important points about the factors that will make your mobile application successful.

10 factors to make a mobile application successful

Our experts have designed the 10 most important factors that will help you make your mobile app very successful. Just follow these steps and your mobile app will have a great road.

Market Research

Market Research

The first step every successful business starts with is the research. It is the most important factor among all the factors that we will be explaining in this article because it will show you the exact road that you should take in order to build a unique high quality mobile application.

Even if you have a great idea that no one knows about, it is not enough to build a successful business you need to specify and understand the market and the niche that you will be targeting, you need also to find competitors who are already doing what you want to do and take a deep look at what their mobile app, and build a detailed report that explain everything about your competitors.

One of the most important steps that you should go through while you are doing some research about the market or the niche you want to target is the customer reviews research, this step will give you a clear indication of the features and functionalities you should be implementing in your mobile application, because you will have access to customer reviews which gives you the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience.

Target Audience Identification

Target Audience Identification

After the research phase, the next step which is also incredibly important is to identify your targeted audience. This phase consists of doing a big research about the likes and dislikes of the users that you want to target because that will help you add the good features and remove the bad ones. 

The success of your mobile application depends on the group of users and clients that you will be targeting in your marketing campaigns. If you really understand the mentality and the needs of your targeted users, it will make it much easier to build exactly what they expect from you and also to solve their problems using your mobile application.

Project Budget Identification

Project Budget Identification

Allocating a specific budget to invest in your mobile application is a requirement in order for your business to have a fast success. Developing the application and having great strategies to market it is not possible without a real budget.

The money that you will be investing in your mobile application will be spent almost across all the phases of growth of your application starting with the development and maintenance and going all the way to executing your marketing strategies.

Mobile application Design

Mobile application design

Now that you have done a big market research about the niche you will be working on and you identified the exact budget that you will invest on this project, it’s time to start implementing your idea by building a first version of the mobile app design.

Building a great design for your mobile application is yet another important factor for the success of a mobile application in the market. Your design needs to be very clean, simple and friendly because that is so important to make the next step much easier and smoother.

App Development

App Develpment

The development of your application is a big factor that will play a big role in the success of your business because this step consists of building the mobile application itself, so it needs to be done in a very professional way.

Before building any mobile application you need to choose the right technologies that will be used in your mobile application, there are many types of technologies that you can use to build a mobile app.

the following are some types of technologies to develop a mobile application :

1) Native app development

Native mobile application development means that the app that you will build is for a single platform like android or apple. The application is built using programming languages that are specific to a single platform like JAVA, KOTLIN for Android or Swift, Objective C for IOS.

2) Hybrid app development

Hybrid mobile application refers to an application that was built using a group of both native and web technologies like JAVA, Angular, React … This type of development produces a mobile application that can be used on multiple platforms with only one code (Android, IOS, Windows, Web …)

Analytics tools integration

Analytics tools integration

Analytics tools are very important for the success of your mobile application because they give you a big picture on how many users visit your app and how they found it and also how they can come back everyday.

The following are some tools that you can use to get detailed statistics about your mobile app

1) Google Analytics

2) MixPanel

User experience of the mobile application

User experience

User experience is the definition of success of any application. If you have a bad user experience in your mobile app then be sure that the users have absolutely no reason to come back to your mobile app, so it is so crucial for the success of your mobile app and you need to focus on it. 

User experience is actually about having an easy to use, friendly and smooth mobile application that will provide the necessary services that the user needs.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

If you have the greatest mobile application in the world and you have no marketing strategy then your mobile app will never succeed. You need to build solid marketing strategies in order to get more users into your app like creating a buzz before the launch, launching some Facebook ads or google ads campaigns or even building a simple website and work on the seo which will get you more organic users.



Before the launch of your application you need to make it available for a small group of people to test it and make sure there are no errors or bugs in the app, because once the app is launched there is no coming back. 

Testing is a very important step because it will give you some errors and bugs that you would never find out while developing the application.

Improve your app with continuous updates and cool features

Improve your mobile application

Every business, offline or online, needs to evaluate and make updates and changes on the product that they are selling, otherwise users and clients will be bored of the same thing every time.

You need to keep your mobile application up to date by adding some cool features and functionalities or removing some bad ones.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, around 3.5 billion people are using smartphones everyday and this number is absolutely increasing each and everyday which means building a successful business will be great for almost any business.

While you are developing your mobile app, please keep in mind all the above factors, because if you respect your mobile app will absolutely get more and more users.

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